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Ga La Car

Senior Pictures/Home Coming/Prom Hair Style Consultation Sheet

Please fill out print and bring it with you

Name: _______________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________Cell: __________________________

Email Add:___________________________________

Senior Pictures/Home Coming / Prom            

Senior Pics Date: ____________ Time _________Home Coming Date :____________Time: __________  Prom Date: ____________ Time: _________      

Home Coming Location: __________________________________                          Prom Location___________________________________________

Number of People getting makeup services: ___________Time of make up service:_________

What are the colors chosen for the Senior Pictures?  _________________ Home Coming ________________ Prom _________________

Does your hair currently have a chemical treatment in it?   Relaxer      Perm      Keratin      Curl     Press-n-Curl     Color     

What type of Relaxer?  ___________________

What type of Color? ____________________

Do you need a re-touch?    Yes or No

What type of re-touch? _______________________________________

What color would you like?    BK     BR      Auburn      Blond      Other ____________________

Are you allergic to color?  Yes or No

If yes, What type and name ______________________________

Hair Style:    Updo       Free Style Curls       Flatiron

Do you have? Thinning hair,       Bald spots,       Breakage 

Would you like to improve your hair?

Would you like your hair lengthened or thickened with hair extensions? Yes  or No

What type of hair extension would you like: Remy       Basic      Synthetic

What texture of hair extension would you like?  Silky Straight     Yaki     Curly      Deep Wave    Natural     Deep wave    Straight   Curly

length: 12   14    16    18    20    22    24    26    28   30

What Color hair extension would you like: 1,     1b,      2,      4,      33,      30,      27



In-store Consultation Appointments: Tuesday or Wednesday 10 am to 2pm

Color selection sampling, skin type, makeup styles and recommendations

Free General Consultation up to 15 minutes

$20 per 45 minutes 1-5 participants / $35. per hour 6-10 participants                                                                                                                                                                        $25. per hour 1-5 participants / $35. 6-10 participants

1) Personal/Individual Consultation Review Consultation Sheet (s),                                                                                                                                                                            (Hair, Makeup and specialty services)

2) Group  Consultations: Review Consultation Sheet (s),                                                                                                                                                                                                     (Hair, Makeup and specialty services)







Please Bring Senior Pictures, Home Coming, Prom Hair Consultation Sheets Below:
Senior Pictures, Home Coming or Prom Hair Consultation Prom Hair Consultation
Senior Pictures, Home Coming or Prom Make up Consultation  Bridal Make up Consultation
Formal Fashion Consultation     Bridal Fashion Consultation
Clause:  Cellphones should be turned onto silent mode and put away to minimize distractions, potential hazards and delays during the following:  Consultation, trial or prep services, makeup application and hair services.




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