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Long Lavishing Dresses: Formals, Home Coming, Prom, Bridal Special Occasion  
New Spring Fashions 2018  
Sizes XS-3XLsmcJT615 Sizes XS-3XL  smcCDCR776n
Sizes 2-16smcCDCR776n Sizes 2-16  smcCDCR776ow
Sizes 2-16smcCDCR776ow Sizes 2-16  smcCDC251t
Sizes 4-16smcCDC251t Sizes 4-16  
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 1)Specials $219  2)Specials $270.  3)Specials $270 4)Specials $219   
Sizes 4-16smcCDC251 Sizes 4-16  smcCDCK67
Sizes 4-14smcCDCK67 Sizes 4-14  smcCDCH22
Size 4-14smcCDCH22 Size 4-14  
 5)Specials $159.  6)Specials $219  7)Specials $249  8)Specials $269  
Sizes XXS-2XL
smcAPL1612 Sizes XXS-2XL  smcNX8235
Sizes XS-2XLsmcNX8235 Sizes XS-2XL  smcNX8285
Size XS-2XLsmcNX8285 Size XS-2XL  smcCD13335
Sizes 4-16smcCD13335 Sizes 4-16  
 9)Specials $199  10)Specials $249  11)Specials $229  12)Specials $249  
Sizes 4-16smcCDC251ow Sizes 4-16  smcNX8277
Sizes XS-3XLsmcNX8277 Sizes XS-3XL  smcAPL1784
Sizes XS-3XLsmcAPL1784 Sizes XS-3XL  smcNX8335
Size XS-2XLsmcNX8335 Size XS-2XL  
 13)Specials $219  14)Specials $239  15)Specials $249  16)Specials $189  
Size 4-16smc232238 Size 4-16  smcNX8277
Size XS-3XLsmcNX8277 Size XS-3XL  smcAPL1298
Size XS-3XLsmcAPL1298 Size XS-3XL  smcAPL1607
Size XS-2XLsmcAPL1607 Size XS-2XL  
 17)Specials $219  18)Specials $239  19)Specials $219  20)Specials $219  
Sizes 4-14smcCD13490 Sizes 4-14  smcCDC239
Size 4-14smcCDC239 Size 4-14  smcNX8278
Size XS-2XLsmcNX8278 Size XS-2XL  smcCD13488
Sizes 6-18smcCD13488 Sizes 6-18  
 21)Specials $219  22)Specials $219  23)Specials $199  24)Specials $329.