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Long Lavishing Dresses: Formals, Home Coming, Prom, Bridal Special Occasion 
New Spring Fashions 2018  
Size XS-2XLsmcAPL1862 Size XS-2XL  smcNX8251
Sizes XS-2XLsmcNX8251 Sizes XS-2XL  smcCDCK28
Sizes 4-16smcCDCK28 Sizes 4-16  smc53E5030
Sizes XS-4XLsmc53E5030 Sizes XS-4XL  
1)Specials $179  2)Specials $199  3)Specials $244 4) Specials $199  
Sizes XS-XLsmcCDA1602 Sizes XS-XL  smcCD71133-1
Sizes 4-14smcCD71133-1 Sizes 4-14  smc232257
Size 2-14smc232257 Size 2-14  smcNX8251
Sizes XS-4XLsmcNX8251 Sizes XS-4XL  
 5)Specials $159  6)Specials $249  7)Specials $210.  8)Specials $169.  
Size XS-3XLsmcDR1600 Size XS-3XL  smcCDKC1701bk
Sizes XXS-XLsmcCDKC1701bk Sizes XXS-XL  smcCDKC1781
Sizes 4-14smcCDKC1781 Sizes 4-14  smcCDKC1781n
Sizes 4-14smcCDKC1781n Sizes 4-14  

 9)Specials $159  10)Specials $169  11)Specials $259  12)Specials $259  
Sizes 4-18smcCDCJ225 Sizes 4-18  smc1aCDP201b
Sizes 4-14smc1aCDP201b Sizes 4-14  smcAPL1761
Size XXS-XLsmcAPL1761 Size XXS-XL  smcCDKC1701r
Sizes XXS-XLsmcCDKC1701r Sizes XXS-XL  
 13)Specials $169  14)Specials $159  15)Specials $199  16)Specials $169  
Sizes 4-18smcCDCJ225 Sizes 4-18  smcCDA1602
Sizes XS-XLsmcCDA1602 Sizes XS-XL  smcCDKC1701b
Sizes XXS-XLsmcCDKC1701b Sizes XXS-XL  smc1aCDP201n
Sizes 4-14smc1aCDP201n Sizes 4-14  
 17)Specials $169.  18)Specials $159.  19)Specials $169  20)Specials $159  
Sizes 4-20smcCDKC1701 Sizes 4-20  smcCDP201
Sizes 4-14smcCDP201 Sizes 4-14  smcCDKC1701b
Sizes 4-20smcCDKC1701b Sizes 4-20  smcNX8295
Sizes XS-2XLsmcNX8295 Sizes XS-2XL  
 21)Specials $219  22)Specials $159  23)Specials $219  24)Specials $218.