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  Client Shopping Options

Showroom     Online     Telephone     In-Home

Showroom:  Have a  Private Showing

You have the Option of booking a Private Showing in a GA LA - CAR  Fashion Showroom.  Allow your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to browse and buy.  They will feel more confident when they can get a first look and feel of the quality of your product line. 

Shop Online: No Inventory! We Ship For You! 

You have access to a website that supplies all the products you have available.  Your potential clients,  friends, family, co-workers and neighbors can browse and buy 24/7.  Your clients can shop from their cell phone. They do not have to live in the same city as you. 

Telephone:  Clients Call You!                

All reps will be encouraged to stay in contact with their clients. Your clients will call you for fashion suggestion, recommendation and online shopping needs.   You will be equipped to advise and  recommend fashions according to size and a Designer line and occasion.  Seek the recommendation of clients who enjoy the same type of service that your clients receive.

In-Home:  Ah the comfort of Home! 

There will be times when potential customers may not want to go out and shop.  Just imagine, they can stay at home and shop at your website.  Clients have the option of Online Shopping at home alone or in a party setting.  They will enjoy the convenience and personalized service within a comfortable atmosphere.