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Welcome.  There is over 25 years of accumulative experience in the business.  To better serve you we have added Online access to products, services and opportunities.  Email, Come in or Call for an appointment, private fashion showing or online presentation.  You asked for more casuals and men fashions and we listened.  Join our email list by emailing me at Sign in Our Guest Book for Saving
Our online fashion production is b roken up into 2 seasons: and .Fall/WinterSpring/Summer Updated fashion season is listed on the left margin.  We begin uploading Fall/Winter fashions in August, (as they are made available). The best time to order the fashions is from August to November. We begin to upload Spring/Summer fashions in January, (as they are made available). NEW Fall/Winter The best time to order the fashions is from January - April. Fashions are still available after the peak seasons but it is best to check the items availability.NEW Spring/Summer   
Online Specials to look for::  As we update website pages, You can place special orders by telephone or email.  may be offered as we update. (discounts and details posted on updating pages)  Specials posted on a between 11:00 am to 2: 00pm. 
Roll Back Savings:  When you call in you can receive a roll back savings of $10. - $20.             
Update SpecialsDiscountsImpulse Specials:  WednesdaysReferral Savings:  Provide 5 Referrals and receive $10. Savings on Online Purchases or Services         
Reward Points:You earn 1 point* for every $1 you spend in a single transaction.-The more points your earn, the larger your Reward Rebate.                                                Online Specials: Thursdays Sales:        
Online Orders 24/7:   S uits, Hats, Handbags not seen in featured catalogs are available by email . 904-487-9254 (Jewelry not available).  Prices subject to change without notification. Clothes may be a little larger than size.Colors may have variations.   Pick up fashions and Save Shipping Costs. Shop Online Shipped Orders may be received 7-10 business days.  Special delivery request is an additional fee. SHIPPING FREE Ground US Shipping on Selected Marked Fashions Only.  Minimum $99. and up.:                                                                                                                           
In-Store Boutique: Come in, call or email order. Local Online/Boutique Special orders placed on Thursday / Friday may be picked up within 7-10 business days.  Special delivery request is an additional fee. Apply for a line of credit Now! In-Stor e/In-Salon Days & Hours :Walk-in Welcomed/Appointments preferred   2640 Cesary Blvd., Suite 11- Free Parking... 904-487-9254  .Business Office Hours/Customer Service Monday - Friday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Sat 9:00 am to 5:00pm  Walk In in on Spectacular Saturdays and receive a discount Appointment Specials:.   Appointments/Inquirers:  Call 904-487-9254 ....Inquiries:    
We welcome inquiries, questions and suggestion. If you would like further information about a garment, please provide the designer's name, style number, size and price. For your convenience you may call or email. .   Information is subject to change without notice.
 Thank you for your business.  Our Effortless Earnings  Project is a win-win solution because helping us allows us to help Reps.  We are focused on assisting people seeking self sufficient means. Each time you make a purchase please submit a Rep's ID# so that they will be directly compensated and helped through these perilous time.I share this personal experience with you.  Some 20 + years ago, my brother asked me "How can you go into business in a deficit?"My response was..."That's the best time to do it because I have nothing to lose."