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Ga La Car
Timeless Translucents


Translucent Powder: - is an integral part of a woman's beauty essentials. It is most suitable for normal skin type and oily skin. Loose powder also helps to correct makeup, to improve skin appearance, to usher in a matte finish and make skin shine-free, to conceal blemishes, to even out the skin etc.

Pressed Oil free.  Ultra light powder.  Created to absorb oil , shine and preserve makeup, leaving a matte and polished glow.    

Oil Free  Extra oil control.  Extra oil control. Absorbs excess oils and shine for a longer lasting  protection with a flawless finish.   

Oil Control LightOil Control Light Oil Control MediumOil Control Medium Oil Control Medium- Dark Oil Control Medium- Dark Oil Control DarkOil Control Dark
Oil Control $15.50 Oil Control Light Oil Control Medium Oil Control Medium/Dark Oil Control Dark
Regular Translucent Pressed Medium  Translucent Pressed Medium Translucent Pressed Medium-DarkTranslucent Pressed Medium-Dark Translucent Pressed DarkTranslucent Pressed Dark
Regular Pressed   $17.50  Light Medium Medium-Dark Dark
 Loose Powder Regular LightLoose Powder Regular Light Loose Powder Regular MediumLoose Powder Regular Medium  Loose Powder Regular Medium DarkLoose Powder Regular Medium Dark   Loose Powder Regular DarkLoose Powder Regular Dark
 Loose Oil Control  $19.50 Oil Control Light Oil Control Medium  Oil Control Medium/Dark Oil Control Dark 
   Oil Control Loose Powder Light Oil Control Loose Powder Light  Oil Control Loose Powder MediumOil Control Loose Powder Medium  Oil Control Loose Powder Medium-DarkOil Control Loose Powder Medium-Dark  Oil Control Loose Powder DarkOil Control Loose Powder Dark
 Regular Loose Powder $17.50 Light Medium Medium-Dark Dark