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12 Hour Body Wrapping Certification BWC
Courses Are State Board Of Cosmetology Approved
Highly Qualified Instructors:
Mission: To Enhance your abilities, provide empowering training                                       and expand your financial options for success..
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The economy has changed and people are looking to expand the financial opportunities.  The body wrapping is a great option.  It is growing in leaps and bounds. We offer affordable payment options to make it convenient for you to start today...

Body Wrapping Workshop Objective:  to prepare students to register with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation as a Body Wrapper. 

The course also prepares the student for employment as a body wrapper in salons, resorts, and health fitness centers, spas and in management or possible proprietor business.  Each objective listed will be covered and instructional methods used throughout the course include. Lecture, live study group and visual aids.  12 Clock Hours: 

12Hour Body Wrapping Course Requirements: 

     HIV/AIDS/Communicable Diseases

    Diseases and Disorders of the Skin


    Florida Law

Students must be at least 16 yeas old to take to course.  Students will be evaluated for comprehension of the course requirement, with a 75% or better evaluation score, the student will be issued a certificate. Student will attend two days, to complete the 15 Hour hair Body Wrapping Course.  Local classes will be held in Arlington Area.

Once course is completed you will receive a  Certificate of Completion, State License from the Board of Cosmetology that would allow you to be registered with the State in the course of your choice.

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People are very weight conscious today. Weight loss, Pain relief, Detoxification, Skin care and overall Wellness are all benefits clients can  receive during their body wrapping treatment. The experiences can be so powerful your customers will experience real results which will have them coming back for more.










Body Wrap Hands On 

This is the most valuable promotional tool that will bring new clients to you and convince your clients to try this new body wrap treatment. 


Body Wrapping is an advanced development that works on eliminating toxins and impurities that have built up in the body, and helps to rid of the body of the Cellulite as it also smooths, tightens and softens skin. 


Body Wrapping Certification $150. 


Body Wrapping Certification & Hands On Body Wrapping

Body Wrapping Certification & Products $60.&up

We require a $75.00 non-refundable deposit to register for this course. The balance of the course fee is due no later than 2 (Two) days prior to the scheduled class date. If you for any reason need to reschedule this class, arrangement must be made within 24 (Twenty -Four) hours of scheduled class in order to receive a credit; otherwise, your deposit will be forfeited.   *Investment(s) includes workshop, registration, application processing and student's certificate of completion. 

Credit only. It can not be traded for cash and are good for one year only. Registrations are non- transferable and cannot be confirmed until we have received a non- refundable deposit.


Call for special offers.  Please check the schedule. 

Career Investment: $199.00
Requirements: Print and Bring Enrollment Application and Prepay or       
 Deposit ($75.) Bring In Balance.

Students will then be eligible to register with the Florida department of professional.

 1.You will need to submit a $30.00 application fee.                                Certification Application Fee (Fl. Dept. of Bus and Pro Reg) $30

 2.Download and Print: Hair Braiders Application  Apply Using a Printable Application and send

 3.Mail your completed application, documentation and required fee(s) 

 4.Send to: Department of Business and Professional Regulation

 1940 North Monroe Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783