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Local Salon owner's facebook post go viral.  .Gail Carter-Cade of GA LA CAR Beauty Salon created a How to shape, tint and fillin eyebrows video and uploaded it onto facebook.  She used her daughter Gala Cade as her model.  The video showed step by step tint application and fillin. with popular professional products.   The video went viral because of Gala's lashes.  She puts on her own lashes but these lashes had a little more glue on them then usual.  She didn't have on any makeup.   We love lashes because they enhance your beauty . In the video the main focus became her lashes.  I was thinking that people would look past the lashes and see the benefits and advantage of getting their eyebrows tinted and filled in. 

People began questioning the professionalism of the salon owner and the salon.  Gail Carter-Cade received her cosmetology license in New York and she was the first African American to receive a scholarship to attend Christine Valmy School for Esthetics, Skin Care and Makeup.  She also taught at the school and was a freelance makeup artist for Ebony Man Magazine.  When Mrs. Carter-Cade came to Jacksonville, she became the First African American to have her picture featured in the Yellow Pages under beauty salons.  

While Gala was in elementary school it was brought to Mrs Carter-Cade's attention that she was having difficulties in reading.  It was noted that she had Dyslexia or Learning Disabilities. Once Mrs. Carter Cade became aware of this she began to learn all she could about it and ways to help Gala. She became and is known as a special needs advocate in the community.  Mrs. Carter-Cade created website to give parents more insight and understanding of special needs so that they can embrace and help their  student.  One thing she instilled in Gala was confidence, leadership, pride and not to give up.  Gala has graduated from high school and has been promoted on her job of three years.

The qualities that her mother instilled in her has helped her stand strong against the negative posts made on facebook in regards to her lashes.  We now refer to her as  #"Queen Lashes.  Soon we will be releasing more videos, raps and a possible eyelash line.