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Diabetic DevahsChoose It and Lose It with me...the weight project that rewards


Welcome Diabetic Devahs

I  invite ladies who are at "risk" or have Diabetes or those who just want to lose weight alone to participate in our Choose it and Loose It Challenge.  Its hard to lose weight alone.  I have to lose weight because I am a diabetic and I've since developed high cholesterol.   It was so high that they couldn't even see my good cholesterol.  I've gotten it lowered but  now I'm faced with the challenge of  taking insulin by needle.  My morning sugar readings use to be well into the 200s.  I have to lose weight immediately.  I invite you to join me in meeting my weight challenge..  I have met the challenge of lowing my cholesterol and lowered morning sugar readings...But I like so many others have to Loose it.

Vision:  Increasing the awareness of the direct effects of weight and health.

Mission Statement: Improve health by increasing weight loss to reduce health problems related to diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, by progressively of focusing on healthy eating, exercise as a team and weight loss rewards. 


Local Participants  Join Now!

Weight Loss Goal is divided into segments (approx 5 -10lbs every 25 days)Smaller goals are easier to reach.

Weight loss segments: UPDATING
Jan 12th - Feb 5th
*Next Feb 9th - March 5th
March 9th - April 3rd
Extended Ending Date April 6, 201 – May 1, 201  
Must participate in a minimum of 2 segments                   

 consult your physician before beginning any weight loss program, project, or plan


I challenge you to loose 10 - 20 pounds with me...Your reward will be well worth it...

Registration Days:   
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Commitment Fee: $10.  per segment  
Meet the Choose it and Lose it Challenge and receive a Reward. Minimum weight lose 10lbs

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