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Hair Braiding CertificationHair Braiding Certification

What's your beauty style? 



Prom Fashion Consultation Sheet

Please fill out print and bring it with you


Address: ______________________________________________

Telephone: ________________Cell:_____________________ Email Add:_______________

High School:___________________________________________________ 

Prom Date: _____________________________Time of Ceremony:______________                       

What are the prom colors?  _______________________________________________

What is your selected color for the prom? ____________________________________

Prom setting: ___________________________________________________

What style of fashion are you wearing?  Gown,  Dress,  Skirt Suit, or Pant Suit

Would you like your Skirt Suit or dress length:   knee length,    mid- calf   or ankle   

What size do you wear? ____________________

Measurements: Bust:____________ Waist______________ Hips:____________

What area would you like to look larger? Bust/Chest:____ Waist/Stomach____ Hips/Buttock/Thigh:_____

What area would you like to look smaller? Bust/Chest:____ Waist/Stomach___ Hips/Buttock/Thigh:_____

Would you like elastic in the waist? __________________________________

What is the name of your fashion designer?_______________________________

Will you   pick it up   or   have it delivered? ____________________________

Would you like a Body Shaper?  Bust___ Waist/Stomach ____Hips/Buttock

Do you need:  Strapless Bra____Support Bra ____


Please Bring Bridal Sheets Below:
Bridal Make up Consultation

Bridal Hair Consultation

Mothers Fashion Consultation

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Suits, hats, handbags not seen from featured catalogs maybe available by email.  Hats, handbag and jewelry are not included.  Items may be a little smaller, larger then size.  Colors may have variations.
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